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3 Easy Tips for a Successful Engagement Session

Although getting engaged is a very exciting time in my life, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There are so many things that come with planning a wedding, and it’s difficult to know where to begin. I would love to share my thought process and tips while planning our engagement shoot. Hopefully some of our photos can give you some inspiration for your next couples photo shoot!


A lot of couples start with getting their engagement photos out of the way, but I wanted to wait until we made a decision on a venue. I wanted our photos to give our guests a hint of what our wedding will be like. Once we knew we were getting married at a winery, Zack and I agreed that having our photos taken at Page Springs Cellars would be the perfect location. Page Springs is also very meaningful to us as a couple, because we went there to celebrate after Zack proposed. The vineyard has several photo ops by the creek, vineyard, arches and barn.


Like the location, I wanted us to stay consistent with the theme. I wanted to go for a rustic theme with some boho touches. I also want guests at our wedding (and people viewing our photos) to get a whimsical fairy tale vibe.


It was important to me that our photos told a story. I wanted shots to be captured of us being ourselves, rather than posing while saying cheese. We had so much fun having a picnic, while drinking wine and hanging out with our Dog of Honor, Penny.




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