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What to Wear to Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Deciding on what to wear to your engagement shoot can be tricky. Engagement photos are often used for save the date cards, and will most likely be displayed on many refrigerators. Ah the pressure to look nice! It’s very common to have a casual and formal outfit. I created a guide to help with both.

Some women wear sundresses or even jeans as their casual outfit. I personally thought jeans would look weird since my hair was so formal. I knew I wanted to wear pants, so it would be easy to tell the difference between my casual and formal outfit. I happened to snag these pink pants from Costco for $15 bucks a few weeks before the shoot! What a find!

Deciding on what to wear for my formal outfit was tricky because it would look odd to wear a long cocktail dress in such a casual setting. So I go back to my boho princess vibe. I start browsing for tulle skirts and lace tops that will go with it. I bought this outfit on Amazon. Since this skirt is long and poofy, it allowed us to get creative and do fun things with it. The skirt has so many different color options. I went with mauve since it will be one of our wedding colors #spoileralert.



Unless your Fiancé is a metro-sexual fashionista, he might need some help. For casual attire, I think boat shoes look nice on guys. Lets just say, I wouldn’t let My Fiancé wear his Nike running shoes. Khkis, jeans and polos are also acceptable for casual attire. For formal attire, my Fiancé wore slacks with a button down shirt.


For an engagement shoot it is very important for your outfits to not only look good by themselves, but to look good next to each other. I recommend for couples to stay away from pattern and floral shirts. Even though I’m a huge sucker for floral prints and polka dots, it can be distracting in photos. I encouraged my Fiance to stick with neutral colors, so I could add a small pop of color with my wardrobe. I also recommend for couples to stay away from matching each other. Just remember you want your love to be the star of the photo. Sometimes less it more.

What will you wear to your next couples photo shoot?!




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